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Gross Habits!

I like to smell my toenails after i clip them

Scratch in my ear and smell it

I like the weird smell on earrings when you pull them out your ear

I LOVE popping pimples. So much so that I bought a professional blackhead removal kit. I actually stopped clearing my pores in order to text this

My gross habit is that I do Farmers Blows while riding my bike and it sometimes hits my leg or shoulder

I use my earwax in a DIY hand exfoliant 

Not mine, but my husband blows his nose in his socks. It’s not even just like emergency situations… if hes watching TV and doesnt have a tissue, he wont get up and get one. That sock just whips off. It’s DISGUSTING

Forget to clean bellybutton and stick my finger in it and smell it to test the stench level

I know its gross…but I work in the operating room and I cant help myself…when a patient has a nasty pimple, blackhead, boil, or ingrown hair I use surgical instruments to handle the nasty little sucker as soon as they are asleep 

When I take off my socks at the end of the day, I have to smell them. A way of seeing if I worked hard enough 

I fart and waft the fart to my face so I can smell it

As an adult, I eat my scabs

When I was young I used to not whip myself after pooping. I played it off like it was someone else 

My son is one and a half and he’s on diapers. When he poops I like to go through it too see what came out. FYI I don’t touch it with my fingers I just move the diaper around

My husband chews his cuticles and spits out the little pieces all over the sofa. It’s disgusting and I tell him he sounds like Ratatoulie and to think of all the germs he’s ingesting

WINNER: My husband clips his toenails and then eats them. Every. Single. Time.

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