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missing my sons first words/laugh due to being at work 

Not seeing Twenty One Pilots at Lollapalooza

I have fomo about taylor swifts new tour for her new album (that isn’t announced yet). im used to going to multiple tour dates for taylor swift every single tour but im planning my wedding so i actually have to try saving money now

My fomo is having to work when The National is in town. Totally devastated

I have FOMO for missing interesting tv shows so I can’t get rid of cable!

A typical millennial comment but I have a fear of missing out on owning a house

Fomo of missing Pilsen taco fest. Every year for the past three years I’ve tried to go and every year something comes up. Year 1 couldn’t get off work Year 2 out of town year 3 wedding

FOMO on Adam Sandler

Yesterday I was afraid of missing the tornado. Was outside the entire time of the storm even when it was literally right above my house. FOMO of missing seeing a tornado!

Missing out on the Bears Packers Thursday night opening game

As a college commuter, I fear missing a normal college experience

Missing out on fresh air because my office is in a sub level

Being in the sun during the summer. Texting every single person in my phone book with a pool or a patio so I’m not cooped up in my condo

Fomo being the first to use a public toilet after it’s been cleaned 

WINNER: I have FOMO on not having rich enough friends to ever go on a boat during the summer

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