Dating Rule!

I won’t date a guy with a smaller ass then mine

Beware of guys with hats on pictures

Cant have dark hair!

I always follow the rule: don’t even try it never pans out

Don’t take her to Subway for your first date

If you can’t picture yourself waking up to them for the rest of your life. Don’t go on a second date

Don’t date anyone who is a master selfie taker

If mom doesn’t like her than she is not the right girl

Don’t shave your legs on the first date

If they chew with their mouth open on the first date, there won’t be a second date

Don’t date a guy (or girl) that calls all if his exes “crazy” or “bitches”! The problem was probably you, bud

If she doesn’t have any girlfriends, I’m out 

Don’t continue dating her if she sets her phone screen down when she’s around you

Don’t EVER date the super hairy guy

No cell phone use during the date 

Look at the mother to see what she looks like. That is your future wife or spouse

My dating rule was they had to have manly hands….no girlie hands 

Under no circumstances date somebody you work with 

Don’t date someone who can’t drink as much as you 

Don’t date someone that says “I’m sorry, but (continues to say something hurtful about you/something you care about)”

My rear is exit only. NO ENTRY

Don’t date someone who believes Olive Garden is real Italian food

I never date a girl that is constantly making movie quotes

Winner: Don’t date someone who isn’t nice to their waiter!!

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