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Dating App Gone Wrong

Met on tinder. He stole my wallet, went on a shopping spree downtown. Also bought himself a flight to LA, needless to say he never got on the flight

My husband and I met on a dating app. 4 years later we hired a babysitter on a babysitting app and when she showed up we realized he had dated her 4 years prior when we met. She used the same profile picture for both apps

I once had a guy tell me he wanted me to be a 50 foot tall Giant and he wanted to be a grain of rice in the bottom of my purse 

Met tinder date at starved rock and went out for lunch. He wouldn’t pay the bill unless I agreed to get a hotel room with him “for a few hours” I paid the bill 

Everything was completely normal leading up to the date. Come to find out the business he started up by himself is selling bongs which have a filter so his kids dont smell it when he smokes at home. “He started it for his crohn’s disease” side note he also lives with his soon to be ex wife

A girl from POF gave me a sexy photo shoot calendar for Christmas. She did it with her photographer guy friend, and when I got to October. I noticed she had sex hair. I just stared at her for a long while after she gave it to me. I found out I was her side dude within the next month… lol 

After a few dates I felt comfortable going to his house For a nice dinner that he offered to cook. Well after dinner, he excused himself for a minute and comes back with a blindfold and I whip. He said let’s go and I said Yep got a girl and booked never heard or seen him again thanks 

I Went on Motorcycle ride with this guy.. when we were done.. I was getting off the bike but slipped off the and broke my ankle..he had to carry me to my car so I could go to ER 

Went on a date. Googled the guy after chilling at his place for the night – in glenview. Turns out he had a pending case found out he crashed a car speeding at 100 mph. Crashed into another lady’s car, fled the scene, left her burning in the car. Safe to say I really screen my dates now!!! 

Met a guy on POF. Literally HOMELESS. Didn’t figure it out for over a month

She wore a true toga and asked me to drink from the olive oil 

Guy broke up with me on tinder. I went back on under an alias met a perfect match rt away we got together it was the guy who just broke up with me under a different name too. We ended up dating but breaking up a yr later then marrying

I went on a tinder date once that was so bad. I told the guy that I love to laugh, because duh who doesn’t? And he took that as an invitation to try and tickle me every chance he got?! And the last time he attempted to tickle me, I elbowed him in the face on accident and gave him a bloody nose. I think I actually broke it but I never heard from him again! 

WINNER: I found this guy on bumble and thought he was really cute drove 2 hrs to meet him and when I got to his place there were 5 other guys and he thought i was into “that kind of stuff” i was mortified and left

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