Compliment Whip!

His voice has never ages

He will make a great grandpa one day

Whip seems like the kind of guy who gives genuine product reviews of late night QVC products, and how they changed his life

I really like the way Whip really cares so very deeply about the news he delivers.

Sounds like he would be a great wingman make me look good

W-witty H-honest I-Intelligent P-very phunny

He’s the guy you want your daughter to marry

He’s the best darn elementary school lunchtime DJ around

Sounds like he would be a great wingman make me look good

Whip…saw you on the mix billboard. You make polo shirts look realky good

He’s smart,fashionable, music expert and best news person ever. I go crazy when its someone else delivering news

Whip is an excellent Melissa interpreter. Not everyone speaks Melissa

Whip is a freaking work horse!

Whip is so patient how he deals with Eric and Melissa every morning

What makes me think that maybe I do have my s*** together in the morning

Whip’s show stopping, morose, historical comedic stylings, brings tears to my eyes everytime

I think Whip would make and excellent star of a new PBS revival show of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

I love that Whip knows his actions has consequences. Like when he yelled at the Dunkin’ Donuts’ guys and then apologized

Whip is EXTREMELY quick witted! Recent example: single word to describe Eric…. Sigh

My genuine compliment for Whip is about his name. His name reminds me of whip cream, and whip cream is delicious. I could just eat him up

I like how Mr. Whip tries to soften the blow (almost to a fault) when someone else has said something real stupid

Whip has the ability to deliver the darkest humor in a bright, sunshine tone. Ex: Eric killing a guy, Lolla drugs, etc. It’s hilarious

You are by far the most attractive man on the billboards #ManCrushMonday

Coming from someone who is the office “suburban dad” (i’m only 27) – i want to offer praise for all of Grandpa Whip’s common sense, witty puns, and logical input in every conversation

Hey skinnier in real life than what his radio voice sounds like

When I saw the new morning show billboard I told my fiancé that whip was attractive. My fiancé later brought it up multiple times and was clearly jealous. 🙂

Whip seems to be a very trustworthy & honest person. Like George Washington “he cannot tell a lie”

I love how Dunkin Donuts is basically Whip’s “Cheers”

I like that whips laugh is contagious. I sometimes catch myself doing it! (The short little peter griffin chuckle)

Whip seems like he would be very good at bird watching

Now my main man Whip, lemme tell you what this dude stands for. Whip stands for Wholesome Hilarious Ingenius Pal. Now put that on your resume lmao

You’re so humble and supportive of Eric even though he roasts you every day. I think you must be a masochist. Wanna get together some time?

Whip you have good strong throat muscles! I can tell that by the sound of you swallowing or gulping

I like how Mr. Whip tries to soften the blow (almost to a fault) when someone else has said something real stupid

Whips voice has a warmth that always makes me feel like I’m home no matter where I am

Whip is like your grandpa who is so sweet but has slightly inappropriate humor that you can’t help but laugh at even if you don’t quite get it

I admire Whip’s dedication to stopping rampant speeders and smoking children

Whip always ensures that the geriatric listeners get their own personalized content as well!

Whip is the coolest nerd on the radio! #StarWarsPersonalCalendar

Thanks Whip, not since Cliff Clavin have I been so well-informed on so many things I couldn’t care less about

Whip seems a caring and understanding father whose sense of humor helps his kids overcome stressful life obstacles turning them into an anecdote, treat

He’s the sexiest old/young guy I’ve ever pushed my body up against

He’s like Wonder bread, wholesome

Winner: Looks like a man with good ideas because his head is the shape of a light bulb

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