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Called In Sick And Got Busted!

Busted on tv at cubs home opener

I was younger at the time and we work for a cell phone company. My coworker and I went out and got drunk so we called in and said that we got into an accident so we can come in little did they know that we hit the light pole in our parking lot before we left so our boss called us out and said no you did not get an accident you hit the light pole before you left you better be in the morning 

Worked for my parents and called in. My dad came to my house to see if I was sick- I was partying

Called off to go to a late breakfast with girlfriend. Boss walked in for a business brunch and said “Hi”. Then he covered our check…

Called off sick to go to a cubs game, only to find my boss 4 rows behind me. Once we made eye contact he smiled, waved and bought me a beer. We haven’t spoken of this since 

I wanted to spend the day in the city so I called off me and my girlfriend’s went to the South Shore and lo and behold my manager was there he had called off and was doing the exact same thing we looked each other made eye contact and never spoke of it again 

About 20 years ago my husband went to the casino, called in sick at 4 AM. Woke up not realizing he had called in sick. He went to work, and his boss was like what are you doing here are you called in sick like three hours ago

I tweeted that I got out of work and I left my twitter account open on the computer at work and my manager saw it. She called me out on my next shift. Didn’t get fired tho! 

I was taking ‘sick days’ to ‘take care of my dad in Texas after a surgery.’ My son’s roommate went on FB and wished me a good time on my 5 day cruise. My principal was a FB friend

Years ago I had 2 jobs, an Inside sales day job and I was a bartender at night. One day I called off the day job, I wasn’t really sick. But I worked thebartending job. And in walks my sales manager and regional sales manager to have a cocktail. And I was their bartender

WINNER: I called in sick. Went to Brookfield zoo on the same day the little boy fell into the ape exhibit. Ended up being right next to Robin Mead while she was reporting it for channel 5 news

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