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Best Coach Q Moment

When he grabbed his crotch at a bad call

That one time where he almost smiled

The coaches stasche twitter feed

All of his visits to Lurie Children’s. I still am honored he took time to visit my son and other sick kiddos despite a busy schedule 

That iconic mustache!!

TPing his house

My husband and I were in Minnesota watch the Blackhawks play Minnesota. We’re returning to our hotel and in the bar coach Q is sitting there having dinner and treats. We nonchalantly sit next to him and my husband is wearing the Blackhawks jersey. Coach Q took a selfie with us

My child was screaming when you said what to text, but we love coach Q!

Coach Q’s lawn being teepeed after one of the Stanley Cup wins

17 seconds left. Bruins are up. Blackhawks score….BLACKHAWKS SCORE AGAIN! To win the cup!!!! And Coach Q brought us that amazing moment. I could cry just thinking about it right now. We’ll miss you, Coach Q

Just knowing how highly respected he was and still is and will be. The way Eric speaks of him just proves the man is a legend

He’s my George Clooney. Will be missed dearly

My brother went to a Blackhawks convention and he got to talk to Coach Q. Q told him that since he was young (only about 9 or 10) to hold onto the dreams that you have now and keep them when your older. And my brother was so amazed by him, he still remembers that from Q

After the 1st Stanley cup championship, seen Joe Quinn ville clean up his house with all the toilet paper that was thrown on it

When the hawks won the cup and q had a cigar in one hand and a beer in the other with a huge smile on his face

Hi Eric I live in Hinsdale and was at Fullers car wash waiting for them to finish my car and Joel was doing the same. We chatted about lots of things and felt like an old friend


We were at one of the open practices for the Hawks. We stayed after to see if we can get some autographs. And one of them was Q. My sister ran up and proceeded to tell him she loves his mustache. He then signed her souvenir and drew a mustache under his name

Stanley Cup 2010. Coach Q jumping up and down on the bench with his arms around the two assistant coaches looking like he just got picked on ‘the price is right.’ It was The first time I ever saw him smile, and my favorite Q face forevermore

Me and my buddies where in Arizona one year To watch the Cubs Sox game and then the next night we’re going to the hawks game that Friday night we went to dinner and ran into the coach at a restaurant and my buddy wanted to say hi to him and I kept saying no no leave them alone leave them alone well after a few beers we went up to him he invited us over we sat next to him until like midnight and just be asked about the Hawks and just stuff in general and nicest guy in the world and I kept telling them this is the year we’re going to the Stanley Cup this is the year and I was the first Stanley Cup we went to in years

Coach Q raising the Stanley Cup on top of a fire truck at the Hinsdale 4th if July parade!

Best memory had to be when Coach Q grab is “best friend” from a no-call during the 2014 NHL playoffs. Best part about it is that he did it right in front of the sign that says “The Parking Spot”

Coach Q rocks.. at Hawks convention he was personable ..My daughter was on crutches and Q helped hold her up in picture so you would never know she needed crutches. . Awesome hockey coach but even more awesome human…

My favorite Coach Q memory is when I met him and Crossroads bar right by the United Center. He was arguing with the owner, who had said something quite rude, when I asked if I could tug on his mustache for luck. “What?!? Yeah!” Q exclaimed. So my memory is of Q leaning over, me tugging on his mustache, all while he’s calling someone else an a-hole d-bag. Good times!

Winner: When coach Q yells “peanutbutter” when a guy shoots a goal higher on the net. I loved his explanation of it too, because people keep peanut butter on the top shelf lmao it’s so random I loved it

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