As A Mom… What’s Your Secret?

I smacked a friend’s kid once when he threw a shoe at my face. 

I joke all the time that my daughter should marry rich, but I’m serious because she’s not real bright.

I found out my son has been picking his nose for god knows how long and puts the boogers under his seat. I found it one day & am too grossed out to cleanit off. I don’t tell anyone when they are riding in my car. 

I feel that I did not love my children enough bc I love my granddaughter that much more.

I don’t have any pictures of my youngest daughter so I use my oldest daughter pictures and tell her is her. Not even my husband knows this. 

I’ve used my babies’ Christening monetary gifts for personal shopping. 

I secretly breast feed my 3rd son for 2 1/2 years.

I tell my kids I have to work, get in my uniform and everything, on one of my days off and go to my sister’s house to sleep.

I faked breast feeding bc it’s “the only way”. Formula all the way.

I pretend I like my oldest (who is 9) but I honestly can’t stand her. I’d pick her younger brother and sister over her any day. 

I am pretty sure I mixed up my identical twin daughters, during thesleep deprived months. Good chance I have been calling my daughter s by the wrong name for the last 7 years.

I just busted my 15 year old son watching porn! It was equal parts hilarious and mortifying (luckily I did not catch him “in the act” but rather he left the laptop open and playing when I walked into the room). I can’t tell anyone because I don’t want to humiliate my son, so it’s quite a relief to get it off my chest!

My grown daughter calls me every day. It is actually a little too much. Every other day would be ok but I’d never tell her that.

I took my toddler snow skiing I accidentally ran into him and broke his arm but told everyone an out of control snow boarder hit him. 

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have kids.

I’m hiding that my daughter has money for college. 

As much as I love volunteering and doing projects with the kids at their school I secretly enjoy how scared my kids and their friends get when I walk in.

I clogged the toilet and blamed my 4 year old.

Winner: When I take my 4 Kids to the movies I go there When we are all sitting I say I’m going to get snacks I take an empty and cup from the garbage and get freerefills I do get a new straw and lid.

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