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Adulting 101

Hardest thing about being an adult is budgeting your money 

You are not special 

Hardest thing about being an adult: making plans with friends! Constant scheduling conflicts! 

Yard work and laundry suck 

It is hard to find a job you enjoy doing! 

Hardest thing about being an adult is no more summer breaks

No one gives a crap about all your previous achievements. You’re starting from scratch

Save your money, get a trade under your belt, college isn’t for everyone, and build relationships

Owning your selfishness and making adjustments to include others

Hardest part about being an adult: no one thinks you’re special and no one cares about your feelings. The real world is not kindergarten!

Hardest thing about being an adult is knowing you have to get up and do it again the next day

Hardest Adulting Tip: things NEVER Go as planned 

Realizing the only person that ACTUALLY cares about you, is you

Grocery shopping. Necessities for meal prep instead of snacks

The hardest part of being an adult is feeding myself. I’m 31 and yesterday I ran outside in my PJs at 2pm to catch the ice cream truck 

Get a good alarm clock and a good coffee machine….mama isn’t going to be there to wake you up 

The hardest part of being an adult is having to fold and put away your clothes right after you wash them 

Make your bucket list young and work to achieve those goals. Adulting = responsibility. Time is precious

The hardest thing about being adult is that your sheets will probably only get washed every six months

WINNER: Having to make your own doctors appointments 

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