A Lie You Told/Were Told On the First Date

I once told a guy that my grandma invented the Shamrock Shake for McDonald’s and that’s why she was so rich. I don’t know what possessed me to make that up.

My soon to be husband told me his mother was a chef ….. turns out she cooked for a school.

21 years old and in the navy when he was really a 23 year old banker.

He told me he played basketball for Indiana University. Turns out he never even went there as a student.

I told my date I could speak Swedish (I don’t even know if that’s a thing), he asked me to spit a line out and I gave him a line I learned in German class.

The lie I was told on a date, is there she was an actress in the biggest grossing film at the time, Home Alone 1. She was an extra, and on screen for 13 seconds.

She told me she was a race car driver. I wanted to surprise her went to the track and it was a demolition derby race.

I once told a stranger at the bar that my uncle was Lou Pinella (former Cubs manager) and proceeded to make up stories about things “uncle” Lou had saidand done at family holiday gatherings. I have a problem.

She told me she was the premier entertainer at a club out west. Tried to verify with horribly photoshopped pictures.

She said she could make homemade linguini with white clam sauce….but did not hide the receipt from Papa Joe’s very well or the containers it came in..

The Lie was from a male who told me that he was a US marshal. He even had his friends act as his bodyguard.

Winner: I dated a guy once who turned out to play for the other team. That’s not the biggest lie. To keep us from having sex… he presented/lies about having testicular cancer.





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