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A Fight Between

Cardi B and Miley Cyrus 

Thanos and Darth Vader 

Katy Perry – Taylor Swift 

Kelly Clarkson versus Adele 

Pink & cardi B

Pink and Halsey 

Billy Ray Cyrus vs lil nas

Carrie underwood and Miranda Lambert 

Paul Rudd and a taco 

Aidy Bryant from SNL- Rebel Wilson 

Tom Skilling vs Jerry Taft in a fight 

Bombas sock guys vs Elite Motors guys 

Jonas Brothers and Powerpuff Girls 

Dave from bombas v Eric Ferguson 

Idris Elba vs Denzel Washington 

Colonel Sanders vs. Burger King

Mel D vs Violeta

Scarlett Johansson vs Jennifer Lawrence

Marshmello and cia 

A fight between Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson AKA the Rock 

P!nk and Taylor Swift

Melissa versus Melissa 

Tom Cruise and Tom Hardy 

Eric vs whip

WINNER: The Cheetos Cheetah and the Kool Aid Man 

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