Survey shows people are taking more care of their skin during lockdown


(NEW YORK) — Let’s face it: most of us have more time on our hands nowadays, and a new survey shows we’re using that time to work on our face. 

Perhaps all the Facetiming is behind all this face time.

Specifically, in a non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans commissioned by skin care company CeraVe, 46% of respondents say they’ve dedicated more time to their skin care routine now that they’re not rushing out of their home every morning, with 91% saying their skin has improved under lockdown.

Forty-five percent credit drinking more water while at home with their skin improving, while 44% say it’s less exposure to the elements outdoors.

Similarly, the lack of a commute and the corresponding reduction in exposure to outdoor pollution is credited with improving the skin of 37% of respondents, while getting more sleep during the pandemic is believed to have done the trick for 35% of those polled.

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