Survey shows pandemic-bored Americans have found a wild new pastime: Laundry

Istock Laundry 04162021

While Americans usually know how to have a good time, the idea of what constitutes one apparently has changed during the lockdown times.

Turns out, people in this country are loving doing laundry.  

In fact, a third of more than 2,000 Americans who were surveyed considered washing their clothes the highlight of their whole week.

Forty-four percent said buying groceries was a newfound thrill, while a 35% say filling up their car with gas is an adventure.

In fact, 69% say doing just about anything out of the ordinary routine is a thrill. 

Dang, you people really need to get out more. 

That was the consensus from the non-scientific poll from Apple Vacations and Secrets Resorts and Spas, which also revealed that 59% say Americans are “at the end of their rope” with staying cooped up. 

It’s not surprising then that 56% say that when it’s safe to travel, they intend to go on the longest vacation of their lives — in fact, the average American is willing to spend $7,000 just to travel again.

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