Survey shows 1/3 of remote workers would quit if asked to return to the office

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(NEW YORK) — For every person who really misses office birthday parties, sitcom chat around the water cooler, and, well, commuting, there are many who are quite content with their pandemic-inspired work at home life. 

This is the word from a new survey that shows 1/3 of those currently working remotely would quit “on the spot” if they were asked to come back to the office.

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 American workers also revealed that 39% would take a pay cut just to keep working at home. 

The survey, commissioned by the employee training company Wisetail also found 45% of those working in person wouldn’t be willing to give up that dough just to be free of the cubicle life. 

That said, the poll showed that more remote workers feel their company makes them a priority compared to those who work in the office by a wide margin: 59% of work-at-homers feel they’re a priority vs. 49% of those still showing up to the old grind.

Fifty-one percent of respondents said a potential new employer must have a work-at-home policy, even if they planned to show up in person to a new job.

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