Survey says women during the pandemic feel pressure to "do it all"

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(LOS ANGELES) — Just in time for Monday’s International Women’s Day, a new survey shows why you may be so tired lately, ladies: nearly 50% of 2,000 American women polled say they’ve felt the pressure to “do it all” during the pandemic. 

The non-scientific poll noted the typical respondent had an average of seven household duties to take care of in early 2020 — but has taken on six new responsibilities in the past 12 months.

Only one in ten of the 1,813 respondents who were in a relationships believed their partners wore as many hats as they did: 67% say their so-called “better half” does less around the house.

The poll, commissioned by Conair also showed what new roles women have taken in the past year: 47% say they’ve become the primary care giver; 19% a head chef, 19% a mother, and 15% business owner or entrepreneur.

Considering all they do, is it really a surprise that the average respondent says they get just four hours of sleep a night? That’s just half of what they should be getting, by the way.

Not surprisingly, too, is most of the respondents say they have less than two hours in a 24 hour day to unwind.

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