Survey says most people would "throw a fit" if a family-favorite dish doesn't appear at a holiday gathering

ABC/Mark Bourdillon

(NEW YORK) — While millions of families did without big gatherings this Thanksgiving thanks to COVID-19, a new survey suggests their tastebuds aren’t as forgiving.  Sixty percent of Americans polled say their family would “throw a fit” if one particular dish wasn’t present at a holiday gathering.

And if you think a Zoom-based holiday meet-up gets you off the hook for having to bake your famous snickerdoodle pie, you’d be wrong.  Of the 53% who said the person who usually makes their favorite dish won’t be attending this year’s festivities, 67% said they “still expect the dish itself to make an appearance.”

The non-scientific poll commissioned by the healthy food company Bob’s Red Mill also revealed that while this holiday season is different than any other, just 6% say they were willing to have a “completely different” holiday feast this time around.

In fact, 68% of those polled say they’re still looking forward to a specific food brought by someone else in the family, particularly pies like pumpkin, apple and pecan, “commonly made by mothers or grandmothers.”

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