Survey says more than 60% of Americans have tech fatigue due to COVID-19 connecting


(NEW YORK) — A new survey says 61% of Americans are sick of connecting via tech and are suffering from tech fatigue due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

The non-scientific study of 2,000 people commissioned by The Vitamin Shoppe notes that of those affected, nearly 70% are especially sick of video calls.

The poll also found that 12 weeks into the pandemic, people were already getting sick of connecting virtually.  More than half now say their tech fatigue is constant.

This comes as no surprise, considering respondents have spent an additional two hours and four minutes on average attached to their screens since before the pandemic began, the survey says.

In fact, 52% said that they’d love to go off the grid as a result of all this virtual connecting, with each respondent saying on average they’d love to be able to fully unplug for eight hours a day.

And as for pandemic-related stress, 68% say all this connecting has actually increased it.

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