Survey says average American spent 448 hours of the pandemic on their sofas


(NEW YORK) — 2020 has been a bumpy ride, and a new survey shows millions of Americans are riding it out on their sofas — to the tune of 448 hours in the past 32 weeks. 

The non-scientific survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by the furniture company Article also revealed that 70% of those polled now consider their sofa their best friend. 

Sixty percent of those polled said their treasured piece of furniture has become their default workstation while they work from home.  And even when they’re not working, 7 in 10 now say their perfect night means they won’t have to leave their living rooms.

Forty-two percent of those polled say they’re spending their time ordering in food; thirty-five percent said they’re spending their time binging Netflix; 35% are playing board games with family; and 32% say they’re catching up on reading — the same percentage of those who say they’ve been having virtual hangouts with their friends. 

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