Survey says 88% of women find mask-wearing men sexy


(NEW YORK) — (NOTE CONTENT) While some Americans remain dead-set against wearing face masks during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a new survey might give non-mask wearing men some pause: 88% of women find masked men sexier than their counterparts who don’t wear them in public.

“Largely because of societal conditioning, some men view masks as a sign of weakness,” said Neil Mehta, M.P.H., CEO and founder of the self-declared “sexual wellness” brand Royal. “When you see how the majority of women perceive men in masks, however, it should be a game-changer for lots of guys, especially those who want to stay sexy in the eyes of their partner.”

The non-scientific poll of 500 people commissioned by Royal shows that the concept of wearing masks during sex is also picking up: While only six percent of those polled say they’ve actually done it, 25% say they’re “open to the idea.”

“Just one year ago, no one was thinking about having sex with masks on, and now, a shocking one in four women are either neutral about or likely to do it,” says Mehta. “Health and hygiene are supremely important to women as it pertains to their romantic relationships.”

To that end, Royal is now offering their “Modern Day Sex Kit, which contains condoms, body wipes, and — of course — face masks.

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