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Ed Sheeran says it's a "big deal" that his wife, family are featured in "really beautiful" new Disney+ doc

Ed Sheeran‘s four-part docuseries, The Sum of It All, is now streaming on Disney+. At the series premiere in New York City this week, Ed said the series is “uncomfortable” for him...

Ellie Goulding on fan encounters: "It makes me genuinely happy when I know I've helped people"

Some question whether or not artists speaking out in support of various causes or issues really does help raise awareness or make a difference.  Well, Ellie Goulding has actual proof that her...

See The Mix on TV

Have you spotted the new 101.9fm The Mix TV commercial? Keep your eyes peeled… you never know where or when it’ll pop up next! If you haven’t heard The Mix...

Dash grew up in Chicago, raised between Uptown and Skokie, he’s been a redline rider since birth!
Dash attended Niles North High School and then the University of Illinois “ILL” where he worked at urban outfitters and as a Bud Light guy handing out free beer at the bars!
While at U of I, Dash studied advertising and lead a pro bono ad agency called midnight oil to support local small businesses, he also ran the University radio station Wpgu 107.1!
During his off time…time off?! (Dash is on 7 days a week!) Dash can be found on the couch binge watching any movie that stars Bill Murray. He loves doing improv at second city, thrifting vintage vinyl, producing music videos and short films, acting, voice over and washing cars at his family’s three generation owned car wash on Broadway in Uptown!