SHOW NOTES 12/11/19


On the show today:

* Earlier today a Chicago Park District truck was attempting to de-ice the lake front path when something crazy happened. The people are okay. The truck? Not so much.

* Did you hear about the real estate company that gave it’s employees a major surprise at the holiday party? Read about it here and try to be happy with your jelly of the month club.

* Tired of the kids constantly whining they want this-and-this-and-this when you’re at the store shopping around the holidays? One mom has a genius solution. You’re welcome.

* Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in the U.K. and involved a bad haircut. Hear the story on the Lack podcast.

* Do you know the name of the bad guys from ‘Home Alone’? Hear all of the questions from Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz on the SBPQ podcast.