SHOW NOTES 11/20/19


On today’s show:

* Grammy nominations came out this morning and Lizzo leads with 8 nominations and she better be performing!

* Art on the Mart begins their winter show ‘Windy City Wonderland’ tonight! All the details are here.

* Jen’s latest Pop Culture Commute is up and it’s all about the Grammys! Are you team Lizzo or Team Billie? Watch the video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and cast your vote!

* Holiday season is also engagement season, so if you’re looking for a creative wedding we submit this example from a Michigan couple – Olive Garden theme. Think of your guests, people.

* The Lack of Intelligence Report took place in South Dakota and involved a very terrible anti-drug ad. Hear what happened on the Lack podcast.

* Today’s episode of Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz was a nail biter! See what went down on the SBPQ podcast!

* Have you heard about the hero who worked at McDonald’s and gave 11 nuggets each time someone ordered a 10-piece?