SHOW NOTES 11/12/19


On today’s show:

* Just a few chances left to qualify to Mixperience Jonas Brothers in Paris! 2:20, 3:20, 4:20 – those are the times we will hook you up with tix to the December 3rd show at Allstate Arena. Who will go to Paris? Find out tomorrow on Eric in the Morning!

* The Little Monsters are going savage on Lady Gaga after she tweeted that she doesn’t remember her own album ‘Artpop’. Stay for the comments.

* The world’s largest Starbucks opens in Chicago on Michigan ave this Friday!

* Today’s Lack of Intelligence Report took place in Disneyland and involved a grown man breaking Tarzan’s bridge. Hear the full story on the Lack of Intelligence Report podcast!

* Jen’s Show Biz Pop Quiz ended in a 2-2 tie today. Hear the questions and see if you would have won on the SBPQ podcast.