Sarah Jessica Parker implores New Yorkers to save Broadway

Walter McBride/WireImage

(NEW YORK) — With the COVID-19 pandemic wreacking havoc on the theater arts, Sarah Jessica Parker penned a passionate letter to Variety begging people to save the industry.

The Sex and the City star opened her emotional piece about Broadway serving as a source of comfort following the attacks on 9/11, noting that she watched The Producers two days after and “the entire cast sang ‘God Bless America.'”

However, she notes that COVID-19 has prevented such displays of unity, adding “The current crisis New York is living through is a purgatory that is very unfamiliar, one that lingers on with a painful uncertainty.”

One major uncertainty is whether or not Broadway can survive, which affects countless lives who depend on the industry to make a living.

“I’m encouraging people to come back to New York and reinvest in our community,” Parker expressed. “Whether it’s a theater or a small business, you can’t reopen a business until you have the patrons there — it’s a psychological thing. And I believe it’s incumbent upon people who’ve had success in this city to reinvest, to come home.”

The Emmy Award winner also expressed concern for the entire American theater industry, adding, “This isn’t just New York’s problem: I feel terrible about regional theaters, like the Cincinnati Playhouse, which I grew up attending.”

However, Broadway is a centerpiece in New York City’s culture, with Parker adding, “Theater is the way we induce visitors to come to our city and plan those special afternoons and evenings,” which, in turn, fuels other industries like restaurants and museums.

Parker was supposed to star in Plaza Suite alongside husband Matthew Broderick last spring and says she understands “the economic and personal devastation” wrought by the pandemic, which is why she is “hopeful” Broadway can be saved.

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