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Sara Bareilles on revisiting ‘Little Voice’: “I’m really proud of that record”

Sara Bareilles Press Photo Shervin Lainez

Sara Bareilles is one of the executive producers of the new Apple+ show Little Voice, and has composed the show’s original songs as well. The show — which follows an up-and-coming singer/songwriter named Bess as she tries to make it in New York City — is named after Sara’s 2007 debut album.  Sara tells ABC Audio what she thinks about that project now.

“I feel like I sound really young when I listen to that record. I listened to it not so long ago, because I was just sort of curious to revisit that time,” she tells ABC Audio. “But I’m really proud of that record. I feel like it was, like, hard-fought.”

However, she admits that listening to it reminded her of the internal “turmoil” she was going through at the time.  Specifically, she was afraid that she’d compromised her artistic integrity by agreeing to work with Epic, a  major record label.

“I mean, the day I signed my record deal, I cried,” she tells ABC Audio.

“I was like, ‘I sold out. I already sold out…this is over. Everything that’s true and pure about me is going to fade off,'” she recalls. “But that, I think, is something that so many young artists can relate to. We’re trying to figure out, ‘How do you protect being yourself, but on a bigger scale?'”

“So I love listening to that record because I think it really captured a moment in my life that was a really special time,” she concludes.

Little Voice was a top 10 hit, and produced the smash “Love Song;” it went platinum and earned Sara two Grammy nominations.  In June, she released the actual song “Little Voice,” which didn’t make the album — it’s now the Apple+ show’s theme.

By Andrea Dresdale
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