Russia, Iran tried to influence 2020 election: report


(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — A new report from the chief U.S. intelligence office uncovered evidence that Russia and Iran took significant measures to influence the latest presidential election.

According to the report,  Russian President Vladimir Putin was responsible for taking extensive measures to “denigrating” President Joe Biden’s bid for the White House, according to a declassified report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

The report also implicated Iran for attempting to influence the U.S. election, but focused on trying to “undercut” former President Donald Trump’s reelection efforts.

The report stated China did not seek to interfere with the election.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said Tuesday, “Foreign malign influence is an enduring challenge facing our country… These efforts by U.S. adversaries seek to exacerbate divisions and undermine confidence in our democratic institutions.”

The report is part of the country’s ongoing measures to combat foreign influence in U.S. elections.

The study also claimed national security officials warned then-President Trump of  America’s adversaries attempting to erode confidence in the democratic process of elections.

Russia was implicated with meddling with the 2016 election, but unlike four years ago, the study found no evidence that election infrastructure was tampered with by Russian actors.  Instead, Russian efforts remained focused on pushing “narratives-including misleading or unsubstantiated allegations against President Biden-to US media organizations, US officials, and prominent US individuals, including some close to former President Trump and his administration.”

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