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Rob Thomas' quarantine creativity includes a TV show and a Broadway project

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While the COVID-19 pandemic meant that Matchbox Twenty had to call off their planned summer tour, Rob Thomas has been keeping busy while in lockdown.  He says thanks to things like Zoom, he’s been able to work on even more music than he was prior to coronavirus.

“I think there’s more writing sessions with other artists that are being booked now than before,” he told ABC Audio a few months ago. “Because before it was like, ‘Well, I don’t have time to get to Nashville. But when I do, we’ll get together.'”

He laughs, “Now everybody knows that nobody’s that busy, so you get a lot of calls of like, ‘Hey, let’s hook up on a Tuesday and let’s work on a song. So I think those things are are great.”

In addition to writing solo material and stuff with Matchbox Twenty, Rob’s also been working on some other interesting project.

“I’ve been writing with other people, I’m working on a television show and some music for a Broadway thing,” he told ABC Audio. “So the good thing about what I do for a living is…it all happens just right here [in my house]. It’s just me writing music. And I can do that no matter what.”

So when will we be able to see that television show, and hear that Broadway “thing?”  Rob isn’t spilling the beans just yet.

It’s a little too early to talk too much about,” he said. “But there’s two different things that I have working on with some some different producers. And as soon as I can talk about it, I will.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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