Quarantine cooks getting cocky, new survey says


(LOS ANGELES) — It appears that all that time in the kitchen during quarantine has made at-home chefs pretty cocky. A new survey reveals that 40% of lockdown cooks think they’ve gotten so good that they could hold their own on the TV show MasterChef.

The non-scientific poll of 2,000 Americans commissioned by the meat experts at Certified Piedmontese also reveals respondents learned how to cook an average of eight new dishes during the pandemic, and they’re looking to improve their culinary skills further in the new year, with 60% vowing to make a New Year’s resolution to do so.

The poll notes that 26% of those had hoped to perfect their cooking of a filet mignon in the new year, 25% hoped to learn how to bake the perfect croissant, and 25% wanted to learn to master Beef Wellington.

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