Protestors demand justice as activists mark a year since Breonna Taylor's death


(KENTUCKY) — Saturday marked a year since Breonna Taylor was killed in her home by police.  In all, the incident ended with 32 bullets shot into her apartment. 

Taylor, a 26-year old emergency medical technician, was shot six times.

Her mother, Tamika Palmer, joined protestors taking to the street to honor Taylor and demand accountability in her death.  There have been no criminal charges brought against the Louisville Metro Police Department officers who raided her home, for what activists call a botched narcotics raid.

Later reports found the officers were searching for a suspect, but he was not in Taylor’s residence on March 13, 2020.  He was later identified as Taylor’s ex boyfriend and no narcotics were recovered in her home.

At least three officers tied to the incident have been dismissed from the Louisville police force.

Protestors took to the street on Saturday night, chanting Taylor’s name and demanding County Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine to prosecute the officers.

“Tom Wine you got a job to do that’s all we asking you to do,” said Palmer. “You’ve seen us stand, you’ve seen us gather, march, protest, cry… it’s crazy how long it’s been what you won’t see is us divide on what we want.”

The Associated Press reported that there is a federal investigation into potential civil rights violations, which includes an inspection of the warrant served for Taylor’s house.

In addition, President Joe Biden has called upon Congress to pass a police reform bill and name it after Taylor.  Biden said Saturday that he remains “committed to signing a landmark reform bill into law.”

Protests were held at Jefferson Square Park in Louisville and outside Wine’s office over the weekend.  At least one other demonstration was deemed illegal by police because it blocked a roadway “forcing vehicles, while armed, to turn around.”

Other protests were held around the country, taking place from Los Angeles to New York City. 

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