Pandemic hygiene: men shaving less but women shaving more


(NEW YORK) — It seems as of every other man you see nowadays has a beard — working from home, why bother to shave?  But for women, it seems to be the opposite — at least, according to the 2020 earnings report from Procter & Gamble

The maker of the giant Gillette shaving brand and products reports that sales of male shaving products are down “due to pandemic-related consumption decline,” while sales of women’s razors continue to increase.  Maybe more ladies are wearing shorts around the house.

Of course, more men growing beards was already a thing before the pandemic, so it remains to be seen whether men’s shaving will make a return after we’re all heading back to the office.

Not surprisingly, P&G’s cleaning products have also seen a healthy bump in sales, as Americans sanitize more against COVID 19 — and, frankly, clean more out of boredom.  Swiffer, anyone?

So while the pandemic’s pounded other businesses, forcing many of them to shut down for good, Procter & Gamble’s sales were up 6% over the previous year, driven by increases in nine out of their ten product categories. 

The only category in which sales declined?  Baby care products. 

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