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Of Monsters and Men want to get — virtually — “sweaty” with you during 10th anniversary concert streams

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Last month, Of Monsters and Men played a series of concerts in their native Iceland to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut album, My Head Is an Animal. In the very likely event you weren’t able to attend any of the shows in person, you’ll still be able to watch them streaming online starting tonight, December 1.

Fittingly, the shows were recorded Gamla Bíó, the same place where Of Monsters and Men threw the release party for My Head Is an Animal a decade ago.

“We’re kinda just going back to that night, really,” vocalist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir tells ABC Audio. “We’re going to do the album in its entirety, and [will be] playing with…people who have been with us throughout this journey.”

Vocalist Ragnar “Raggi” Þórhallsson adds that the concerts have a real “family” vibe to them, while also allowing the band to get back to their “sweaty club show” roots.

“I’m craving it,” Raggi says.

With the streams, Raggi and Nanna hope that “people will get sweaty with us around the world.”

“Watch on the internet and get sweaty,” Nanna laughs.

The shows will be available to watch via the streaming platform Mandolin. Subsequent airings will be held December 8, 15 and 22.