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Nickelback surprises even “people who we really know” with upcoming documentary


A few years back, Nickelback started filming a promo video to advertise an upcoming tour. That simple project soon morphed into a full-fledged documentary film that’s coming soon.

As bassist Mike Kroeger tells ABC Audio, he and his band mates realized while making the promo video that they had much more to say than they initially anticipated.

“We had kinda opened up a little bit,” Kroeger recalls. “Our director and producer started probing us with questions about how we got here, and a lot of more deep questions.”

“Instead of just trying to make a postcard to sell concert tickets, we were actually telling a story,” Kroeger continues. “[So] we decided to continue with it. It just morphed and developed and morphed and developed, and every time we thought we had everything we needed, something else would come up that we could go and get and shoot.”

Kroeger adds that the film, which he says is “very near completion,” will reveal a lot about Nickelback that even the band’s biggest fans might not know.

“That’s been the overarching theme that I’ve gotten from anybody I’ve showed it to,” Kroeger explains. “They’ve all said, ‘Wow, I really thought I knew you guys, but there’s so much more to this story than I was aware of.'”

“And these are friends!,” he laughs. “These are people who we really know. Not just listeners or fans or people that might be aware of our bands, these are people that technically know us, and there’s a lot that they weren’t aware of.

While you wait for the doc to arrive, you can listen to Nickelback’s cover of The Charlie Daniels Band‘s “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” which was released over the summer.

By Josh Johnson
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