MAX on BTS Grammy loss & the “inevitability” of an Ava Max collab

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MAX has been making music for years now, but now there’s another Max on the pop music scene: Ava Max.  And MAX says a collaboration between the two — Ava Max featuring MAX — isn’t just a funny idea; he predicts it’ll definitely happen.

“We’re cool with each other. We’re friendly and…there’s definitely been certain songs that have almost happened with us,” MAX tells ABC Audio. “So I’m sure it’s down the line. We have to! I mean, we’re the MAXs — female and male MAX. We’ve got to do it at some point. So I’m sure it’s inevitable, and we’ll make it happen.”

While we wait for that, next Friday, MAX is dropping a 22-track deluxe version of his 2020 album Colour Vision.  It rounds up all of his collaborations, stand-alone singles and remixes from the past few years, including several versions of “Blueberry Eyes,” his duet with BTS member Suga.

MAX, who says he texted Suga to congratulate him on the group’s Grammy nomination, has some thoughts about BTS’ controversial loss. While fans are furious that the group didn’t win the Grammy for “Dynamite,” MAX thinks it’s fine.

“Honestly, I think just the nomination is always a win,” he tells ABC Audio. “They definitely deserved to win. But…just the nomination is pretty incredible. So I’m just so happy for them that they’re being recognized in that way.”

MAX also agrees with BTS themselves, who told People that they’re simply happy to have performed on the telecast.

“The fact that they recreated the whole Grammy stage, that’s the kind of stuff that I think fans do appreciate,” MAX says.

He adds, “That’s a huge undertaking. And they are best at creating the most incredible visual pieces for their performances…it always inspires me [and] blows me away.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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