Lockdown has made us better at making coffee, study says


(NEW YORK) — Well, at least there’s one good thing to come out of the pandemic: we’re making better coffee.

A new poll of 2,000 java-loving Americans commissioned by — surprise! — Mr. Coffee finds being confined to the house, unable to indulge in our daily Starbucks fix, has inspired 49% us to kick our own coffee-brewing game up a notch or two.  Of those, 76% say they’ve devoted two hours or more of effort learning how to brew a better cup of joe.

Broken down further, 25% of respondents said they’ve become an expert at using an espresso machine, 20% are using traditional drop coffee machines, and 10% are trying their hand at mastering cold-brew coffee.

Speaking of cold brew, it seems making iced coffee has proved the most challenging for many budding baristas, with twice as many respondents, 35% to 19%, saying iced coffee-making is more difficult than traditional hot brewed.

Not surprisingly, the quest for a better cup of home-brewed coffee has also driven coffee-making purchases.  The survey finds 38% saying they didn’t have the right equipment at home to do their coffee right, prior to the pandemic lockdown.

So after the pandemic’s over, we’re all gonna go back to Starbucks, right?  Maybe not: 66% of respondents said they’re likely to keep on brewing their own coffee once we get the COVID-19 all-clear.

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