Liquid courage: During election night, Google searches spiked for "Liquor stores near me"


(NEW YORK) — As election night dragged on with no clear winner in sight, Google says Americans turned to the search engine for some creature comforts: namely booze and fries.

Google Trends posted to Twitter the most popular search results in the U.S. for Tuesday night, and Americans looked up “liquor stores near me” and “fries near me” in droves. 

People in former Vice President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware led the nation in liquor store searches. However, lots of voters in Maryland, Tennessee, and Georgia were also looking for some liquid courage.

“Wine near me” was also a common search, Google reports, as were other searches for fast food — and perhaps not surprisingly, given the electoral contest’s still contested results — the word “anxiety.”

After the search engine giant crunched its numbers, Hawaii, Maine, Nebraska, and Iowa emerged as the least-stressed states, based on user searches there.

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