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Women are always wanting to know how to improve their Breasts

For as long as I can remember, and I have been in my own practice for cosmetic surgery and related procedures for nearly 20 years, woman have always wanted to know the latest things that can be cone to enhance or improve the look and shape of their breasts. Some women want them bigger, others want them smaller, still others want them perkier, or more balanced, or more sculptured cleavage. Styles change regularly, but beautiful breasts are always in fashion whether it is a bikini or an evening gown, women want their breasts to stand out as their ultimate accessory.

The newest hottest trend to hit the media and the marketplace is the
Vampire Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast lift is not designed to make your breasts larger or to add to your cup size. We have implants specifically designed for that. The vampire breast lift is designed for women with natural breasts who have lost some of their natural roundness close to or in the cleavage area, but still have their natural size. The Vampire Breast Lift is the perfect procedure to create a younger looking shape and to recreate the roundness of the cleavage area in a similar way that a bra would do.

Will it work if I have had Breast Implants?

We can also be beautifully beneficial to women who have had breast implants and have developed an imbalance or irregularity from the implant procedure. You also may have lost volume around the implant, and the Vampire lift can add the volume back to create the heart shape symmetry that looks so natural in a V-necked T or an evening gown or anything in between. The Vampire Breast Lift can also restore the sensation to the nipple area that has become dormant or numbed after a breast implant procedure.

PRP works because it is your blood taken and put back in you!

We draw your blood and place it in a centrifuge where we are able to separate your blood and then we use the platelet rich plasma (PRP) and inject it into the areas you are looking to improve and enhance. This is an easy short way to rejuvenate and stimulate your breast tissue without surgery. Just 45 minutes and you are on your way. We are finding that PRP is extremely beneficial for women who want to rejuvenate the skin of their breasts, and balance or even out uneven breasts. We can also rejuvenate deflation and improve gravities effect on sagging breasts. Finally the Vampire Breast Lift will improve hardness of your breast that may have occurred after an implant procedure (technically this is called capsule formation). In addition, after a breast implant procedure where saline implants are used you may find a rippling of the breast and with PRP we can improve this dramatically.

The Vampire Procedure is here to stay

PRP has been used for quite a while, and just like Botox, we keep finding more and more ways to allow the Platelet Rich Plasma to improve your life and looks. In our clinics alone we use PRP for the face, to stimulate hair growth on the head, on the vagina and the clitoral area and now on the breasts. This easy procedure is available at all 4 of my locations on the Gold Coast in Chicago, Oak Brook, Naperville and Arlington Heights. Just call to make an appointment during your lunch hour, and have dinner that night with a low cut top and ravishing sexy cleavage.

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