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Lauv reveals “the big turning point” that led to his new album ‘All 4 Nothing’

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Lauv‘s current hit “All 4 Nothing (So In Love)” is the title track of his new album, All 4 Nothing, coming August 5. He says the songs on the album were inspired by something unexpected: his trip to a therapy retreat in Arizona.

Lauv tells ABC Audio that his therapist suggested he go to the retreat because, like so many of us, he was struggling with his mental health during the pandemic lockdown.

“I was just at the point where I was just, like, so caught up in all my fears and existential questioning,” he says. “And, like, kinda having a lot of breakdowns and a lot of irrational thoughts around them and not really understanding them.”

So Lauv went to the retreat. He says what he experienced there gave him an understanding of himself that he ultimately ended up documenting musically.

“That’s where I was introduced to the concept of ‘inner child-type work,'” he explains. “That was the point where I was like, ‘OK, this is the journey I’m going on.’ Like, ‘All this time I spent feeling I’m not enough, or I felt really insecure around other people, or I feel like just nervous — there’s a reason … let’s dive into it.'”

“So I feel like that was the big turning point,” Lauv says. “And that’s kind of what led to all these songs, I feel like.”

Lauv also says his girlfriend, Sophie Cates, came into his life around the same time, which had a huge impact on him. In fact, they ended up co-writing two songs on the album, including “All 4 Nothing (So In Love).” She also co-stars with him in the song’s video.

Lauv’s tour kicks off August 11 in Minneapolis.