Joe Jonas is lending a helping hand to travelers — literally

If you wish someone would help you prepare for your first post-pandemic vacation, well, Joe Jonas is here to lend a hand. No, literally — you can own his hand. Well, at least a 3-D printed copy of it. Joe has partnered with the travel website Expedia to help those of us who haven’t left our homes for a year to start planning to go places again.  As part of the website’s “Helping Hands” campaign, the company has created a limited number of 3-D printed copies of Joe’s actual hand — his right one, if you want to get specific. If you drop your info at Expedia’s website, you could be one of 250 people who’ll receive one of those hands. It’s a first-come, first-served offer, so use your hands right now to fill in the form on the website. Expedia is also donating $100,000 USD to the humanitarian aid charity Mercy Corps to help global communities that are still being impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Speaking to Metro, Joe talks about the concept of the campaign, noting, “I feel like it’s always nice to have a helping hand when you’re traveling and you’re unfamiliar with a city and you want to have a local’s experience.” As for his day job, Joe says he and the Jonas Brothers are “constantly in the studio and working on stuff,” adding, “New stuff is coming soon for sure.”