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Jimmy Eat World’s “focused on putting together an album”: “We’re taking our time”

Press Conference For Jimmy Eat World And The Maine's Upcoming Co-Headlining Concert
PHOENIX, ARIZONA – AUGUST 23: (L-R) Rick Burch, Zach Lind, Jim Adkins and Tom Linton of Jimmy Eat World pose for a photo at the press conference for Jimmy Eat World and The Maine’s upcoming co-headlining concert at Arizona Federal Theatre on August 23, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by John Medina/Getty Images)

After putting out two one-off singles in 2022, “Something Loud” and “Place Your Debts,” Jimmy Eat World may be looking towards returning to a full-length effort with their next release.

“I think, from where we’re at right now as a band, I think we are focused on putting together an album,” drummer Zach Lind tells ABC Audio. “That’s the sort of compass point that we’re on right now.”

Of course, you probably shouldn’t expect a new Jimmy Eat World record to drop imminently — after all, as “The Middle” goes, “It just takes some time.”

“It’s something that we take seriously,” Lind shares. “We’re taking our time making sure that we’re in the right space to execute and make something that we’re really proud of.”

He adds, “But that’s kinda where we’re at right now, as a band.”

Jimmy Eat World’s most recent album is 2019’s Surviving. The band is currently touring the U.S. alongside Manchester Orchestra.