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Jimmy Eat World bringing “really fun” “Something Loud” single stateside with US tour


Jimmy Eat World‘s live shows are about to get even louder.

“The Middle” rockers launch a U.S. headlining tour Thursday in Cleveland, marking their first full live run in the States since the premiere of their new single “Something Loud” in June. The group did have a chance to play “Something Loud” on their summer tour of Europe, and frontman Jim Adkins tells ABC Audio that the most dedicated Jimmy Eat World fans rose to the occasion.

“There’s always a group of people that make a point to show you that they’re hardcore fans, and they know the words to your new songs first,” Adkins tells ABC Audio.

“Whenever you put out something new, there’s pockets of people in the crowd, I can see them, and they’re making sure I know that they know the lyrics,” he laughs.

Even outside of those fans, Adkins feels “Something Loud” has gone over “really well” so far in the live setting.

“By the second verse, people are really giving it a chance,” Adkins says.

More than that, “Something Loud” is living up to Jimmy Eat World’s initial goal with the song.

“It is really fun to play,” Adkins shares. “Mission accomplished!”

In addition to bringing “Something Loud” stateside, Adkins is looking forward to returning to Jimmy Eat World’s hometown of Phoenix as part of the U.S. tour.

“I’m really excited to play in Phoenix in October,” he says. “We haven’t done a hometown gig in a while, we’re playing kind of a bigger venue.”

Following the headline shows, Jimmy Eat World will play Las Vegas’ When We Were Young festival at the end of October alongside My Chemical RomanceParamore and Bring Me the Horizon.