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Jennifer Garner lines up for ‘Yes Day’ sequel as part of new Netflix deal

E Yes Day 03022021

Riding on the success of her popular family comedy flick Yes DayJennifer Garner is staying in business with Netflix not only for a sequel, but other films for the streaming giant. 

In a statement, Garner said Netflix chiefs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos “have built a safe, collaborative home for storytellers,” adding, “I am honored to join the awesome group of creatives in the Netflix family, and I am extremely excited to work with their passionate and innovative teams across all departments.”

In Yes Day, Garner and Edgar Ramirez played a married couple who decides to take their Torres family up on any whim by saying yes to anything and everything for a single day.

“Seeing Netflix’s global reach as the Torres family wreaked havoc in homes all over the world makes me eager to dive in with another Day of Yes; I can’t wait,” said Garner. 

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