Lisa Allen

Jenna Andrews churned out “Butter” for BTS…and scored 2021’s Song of the Summer


After producing the vocals on BTS‘ “Dynamite” and their “Savage Love” remix, songwriter Jenna Andrews co-wrote “Butter” for the K-pop superstars. Now Billboard has crowned the “Butter” the Official Song of the Summer for 2021, and Jenna says that was the plan from the minute she and her co-writers put pen to paper.

“When we were writing it, I feel like that was one of our goals,” Jenna tells ABC Audio. “‘Cause we knew that coming out of the quarantine would be into summer and obviously, like, wanting to give BTS a song that they could dance to, and…butter, the color yellow…all this stuff. So yeah, we really did [plan it]!”

And though the members of BTS don’t speak English that well, Jenna said they slaved over the “Butter” lyrics to make sure they were just right.

“Lyrics are extremely important to them,” she explains. “In fact, we spent a lot of time sort of rewriting things and making sure that all the lyrics really translated and also just spoke to the guys. We used a lot of 90s references and they love all that stuff, [like] Usher and Michael Jackson.”

“I think the lyric was actually the most time-consuming part in a good way,” she adds. “Because I feel like we put a lot of thought into every word.”

After “Butter,” Jenna then co-wrote BTS’ next number-one hit, “Permission to Dance,” with Ed Sheeran and others.  But due to the pandemic, all of Jenna’s work with the group has been done remotely, so she says she can’t wait to celebrate their success with the guys in person.

“Oh, my God, yes. I’m so excited!” she gushes. “I mean, you know, fingers crossed, I hope that’s going to be [at] the Grammys!”