Impeachment trial set to begin Tuesday

Constitution Impeachment concept

(WASHINGTON D.C.) — The impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump is set to begin Tuesday, after the Senate reconvenes at 1 p.m. and conducts its morning business.

On Wednesday, the House impeachment managers must file all motions, except those related to witnesses by 9 a.m., and Trump’s legal team must to respond to the House managers’ motions by 11 a.m. The trial will resume at noon, with arguments and a vote for any motions made by either side. After that, opening arguments begin and the House impeachment managers have up to 16 hours over two days, though both sides are limited to eight hours of arguments each day.

On Thursday, the House impeachment managers will continue and finish oral arguments with the proceedings beginning at noon. Trump’s legal team will begin their opening arguments on Friday. The trial resume at noon, but they will be finished by 5 p.m. in observance of the Sabbath.

The trial will continue at 2 p.m. Sunday and Trump’s legal team is expected to finish their arguments. After that, senators may ask questions in writing, though they cannot exceed four hours of questions in one day.

The trial will then pick back up at noon next Monday — finishing any business from Sunday.  If the Senate calls witnesses, they will take depositions. The House impeachment managers and Trump’s legal team are then permitted to make a motion to admit evidence, provided that the other side has been given at least 48 hours’ notice.

The trial will end with four hours of closing arguments, evenly divided between the sides. The Senate will then vote on conviction. Two-thirds of the senators must be present and vote for a conviction.

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