House Democrats introduce article of impeachment charging Trump with “incitement of insurrection”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — After House Republicans blocked an effort by House Democrats to get unanimous consent to force Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office, House Democrats today made good on their promise and introduced one article of impeachment against President Trump for “incitement of insurrection” in the wake of a pro-Trump mob breaching the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday after being encouraged by the president.

The “incitement of insurrection” article of impeachment was introduced by Reps. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., Ted Lieu, D-Calif., and David Cicilline, D-R.I., along with more than 210 Democratic co-sponsors.  The measure declares that Trump has “demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security, democracy and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self-governance and the rule of law.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has told Democrats they will move forward with an impeachment vote immediately if Pence and the Cabinet do not invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Trump from power.  Majority House Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., told reporters Monday morning that “there very well could be” an impeachment vote as early as Wednesday. 

Hoyer earlier Monday introduced a request by unanimous consent to bring up a resolution calling on Pence to mobilize the Cabinet to activate the 25th Amendment, effectively declaring Trump incapable of executing the duties of his office and making Pence the acting president.  However, GOP Rep. Alex Mooney of West Virginia objected to the effort.

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