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“Hello, Sidney…” Paramount releases new promo pics starring the ‘Scream’ series’ original survivors

Paramount Pictures

Neve CampbellDavid Arquette, and Courteney Cox are featured in a trio of new posters for the upcoming fifth film in the Scream series.

The faces of Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, Arquette’s Dewey Riley, and Cox’s Gale Weathers are shown posing with the creepy mask of the Ghostface killer they’ve all managed to survive through multiple films. Below them is the movie’s tagline, “It’s Always Someone You Know.” 

As previously reported, the anticipated new film also stars some new blood: The Boys‘ Jack Quaid, 13 Reason Why‘s Dylan MinnetteMikey Madison from Once Upon a Time…In HollywoodYes Day‘s Jenna Ortega, and In The Heights‘ Melissa Barrera.

Scream debuts January 14.


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