Get on up! Fitness guru Jake Steinfeld's simple tips for staying fit in lockdown

ABC News/Steve Iervolino

(LOS ANGELES) — With COVID-19 shutting down gyms and causing stress eating for millions of people sheltering at home, the so-called “quarantine 15” is real — but gaining them isn’t inevitable. 

ABC Audio checked in with fitness icon Jake “Body By Jake” Steinfeld to see what can be done. “One thing about this pandemic that we’ve learned, we’re all cooped up,” Jake says. “I’m a big believer about making a list, having a routine, a regime — something as simple as just getting up! A lot of people are behind Zooms and doing their work online. Get yourself up. Do a little exercise.”

Jake tells ABC Audio you can give yourself a great workout with common household items. 

Considering he whipped into shape the guy who fought both Nazis AND Darth Vader’s Stormtroopers, perhaps you shouldn’t doubt him. “I was the first guy to [train] the big Hollywood stars…starting in 1980 with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford for Raiders and Temple of Doom.”

He adds, “I went to their homes with a broomstick, a towel, a chair and two cans of Mama’s Tomato Paste. It was truly a 30 minute workout that I improvised. The reason why I did it then — obviously, there wasn’t a pandemic — it was simple.” 

Using cans of soup, or in his case, two small cartons of his new Don’t Quit nutrition shake to demonstrate, Jake advised, “You can hold them in [each] hand while you’re seated and just do some front punches…then…you could do…some simple shoulder presses,” he said, raising them over his head repeatedly.

“[G]et up, take a broomstick, do a twist. Great for relieving the stress and tension in your neck and your shoulders.”

Jake adds, “I know it doesn’t feel like much, but you know what? Something is better than nothing.”

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