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For Bebe Rexha, Christmas is the Happiest Season for a new duet


After first being released digitally last month, the soundtrack of the hit Hulu LGBTQ holiday movie Happiest Season will be available at all physical retailers today.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should know that it includes a new song featuring Bebe Rexha, which she calls “a cute little duet.”

The upbeat, retro-sounding tune, “Blame It on Christmas,” teams Bebe with singer and activist Shea Diamond.  “She’s just so talented,” Bebe gushes.

Bebe explains that her friend and collaborator Justin Tranter, who oversaw the entire soundtrack, got her involved in the project.

“He’d actually written the song and then called me and he was like, ‘Hey, I did this song called “Blame It on Christmas,”‘ she tells ABC Audio. “And he told me the whole story and…what the movie was about and what it stands for. I was like, “I’m so down to do it!'”

“Then I heard the record, I loved it!” she adds. “And we do, like, this little cute duet.”

As for the movie, which broke streaming records when it was released, Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis play a couple named Abby and Harper, who’ve been dating for a year.

“Kristen Stewart[‘s character’s girlfriend] invites her over to her family’s house for Christmas, but when they head to the family’s house, Kristen Stewart[‘s] character finds that her girlfriend, who she wants to…propose to, has not yet come out to her family,” Bebe explains. “So she introduces Kristen Stewart[‘s character] to the family as her ‘best friend.'”

Of course, misunderstandings and miscommunications ensue, but of course, there’s a happy ending…it’s a Christmas movie, after all.

The soundtrack also includes music by Sia, Anne-MarieTegan and Sanda and Brandy Clark.

By Andrea Dresdale
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