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FINNEAS teases more “collaborative” new music: “It’s exciting to explore working with more people”


FINNEAS is planning 2023 to be a year of new music.

Speaking with ABC Audio, the “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” artist reveals, “I’m working on a bunch of new solo records, which is really fun.”

FINNEAS notes that he’s been in a “very collaborative zone” with the upcoming material, which is a major departure from the process of creating his debut solo album, 2021’s Optimist.

“I made the last album, like, completely alone in a room,” FINNEAS explains. “I am very grateful to have done that.”

He adds, “It’s exciting to explore working with more people on this project.”

Reflecting on Optimist, which came across as both sincere and ironic in its title, FINNEAS maintains a similar outlook on the future.

“I still feel like it was ironic and also true,” FINNEAS shares. “I feel like it remains how I feel. It’s, like, optimistic in some ways and a little bit kinda like, ‘Oh my God, who knows?'”

“2022, on a personal level — not on maybe as geopolitically wide as I might wanna go — I had a wonderful time this past year, and feel very grateful for everything that’s happened,” he continues. “So I’m really looking forward to all the stuff that we have on the calendar in 2023, and then all the stuff that I’m sure will happen that I have no idea about.”