Famed celebrity event designer on what's really important for Valentine's Day in the days of COVID-19


(LOS ANGELES) — Edward Perotti is an event designer who’s created memorable moments for celebrities and clients all over the world. So who better to tell us how to celebrate Valentine’s Day, even in these anxious times?

“You need to do something!” he tells ABC Audio. “I think everybody and I don’t care where you’re from, will admit that this past year has been challenging…So I think right off the bat this Valentine’s Day is much more about feeling good about yourself, feeling good about the people around you, feeling good about the people who you’ve been sheltered in place with for almost a year.”

Perotti goes on, “It doesn’t have to be the mush, it doesn’t have to be hearts and flowers, but you do need to find a way to celebrate some kind of love, whatever it is.”

The event designer says regardless of whether you’re single or with someone, you need to acknowledge this first locked-down V-Day. 

“If you’re single and you’re living alone, why are you not doing anything?” he asks with a laugh.  “You know, the beauty of this year, Valentine’s is it’s on a Sunday…So plan a day of pampering, of watching movies that you haven’t seen. Make your favorite meal. Why not? Why do you have to have somebody in your life to celebrate this day, this day of all years? Right?”

He adds, “If it’s a Valentine’s, if it’s a Bro-intine celebration or a straight Valentine’s Day, just follow the rules. It’s a Sunday. Think about doing everything during the day so you could be outside and just be smart and safe.”

But whatever you do, Perotti says, “[D]on’t sit on your behind!”  

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