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Evanescence’s new album is “still in progress” as Amy Lee “writes in real time”: “It feels right”

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Earlier this year, Evanescence announced that they’d be releasing their long-awaited new album, The Bitter Truth, incrementally over 2020. They’ve done that so far with the songs “Wasted on You,” “Use My Voice” and “The Game Is Over,” and as frontwoman Amy Lee tells ABC Audio, the work is still ongoing.

“We recorded a batch of songs back in February, March, and that’s why we have these that we’ve been dishing up lately,” Lee explains. “But the rest of the album is still in progress.”

Lee feels that, with this strategy, she feels more connected with the songs in the moments that fans get to hear them.

“The songs come out so far past the moment when they were written, that I don’t really feel those feelings that intimately anymore,” Lee says.

“They still exist, and there are times when they speak to me more than others and all that,” she continues. “But the way that it feels when you first finish a song, and your heart is still 100% in that place with those words and what they mean…I’m just in tune with it.”

Lee adds that she’s feeling “more productive” with the song-by-song approach, which has also led her to “write in real time about what’s happening in me and around me.”

“It’s a ton of work,” she admits. “I feel like I’ve got a bunch of work in front of me and everybody’s waiting, but, I don’t know, I’m not freaked out. It feels right.”

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By Josh Johnson
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